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Granier master bakers

Granier’s founders have more than 20 years of experience in the world of baking. Through the daily profession in bread elaboration and while looking for the best product for the customer they understood  the idea of the 21th century bakery. The direct contact with the customer, listening and attending their necessities, constant improvement on the suggestion of products, the search for a better product exhibition, in short, the steady improvement on concept business brought the idea and format of what Granier is today.

As a result of that previously acquired experience, a new bakery project is created and the first Granier store is opened in 2010. Because of the success on the welcome, they started to duplicate the format in new locations to confirm the model and to further adapt improvements, eventually they began the store expansion model.

Currently Granier has more than 120 opened stores throughout Spain and they had begun their international trek with the opening of their first store in USA (Miami) as well as planning the next openings in cities such as London, Rome, Budapest, etc.

This growing throughout the country allowed us to obtain even more knowledge of the bread market, in such a way that this development provides us constant improvements both as in our new business format as in our products, because everywhere we go we adopt new local products, which we subsequently offer in other points of sale, in such a way that the growing itself is an extraordinary source of progression as a project, in such a way the culture of each zone is the basis of all our stores. 

All of this without moving away of our maximum philosophy “be loyal to artisanal recipes” and “elaborate our products with traditional methods and the best ingredients”.

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